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Astrology is a Real Mirror
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Soria Moria Castle






All that we cherish on Earth, what we perceive as solid forms and bodies, are individual points of foci in ever-changing energy fields, with fairies embellishing matter. When you walk your paths, you will in every instant be alert.

This initial pinned post is where I will explain how this new site develops, and how it is organized. The Charts & Data Folder will contain a lot of material as well. For a start, two links that I’ll always recommend are this and this. They will both give you a quick grasp of the topic. The one is a plethora of free astrology software, and the other gives a sound basis for thought.

Most of the content here will be in English, but there will also be much to read in, or links to, other languages. As it is today, we talk with each other across fictive borders, and languages should be no hindrance. With a little flair, we soon realize that words are not so different after all.

Soria Moria is my personal site, and Astrologically Spoken is more specific. I see the two as one, continually changing.

One is primarily dedicated to discussing the implications of genuine Astrology, whilst the other has a broader span. The two are similar, or chiral, in many ways. They can be seen as limbs of one entity. As described, this is an open project.



Astrology in Soria Moria
Norway in the Ocular
Python & QBasic Astrology


Robert Zoller, Luke Andrews, 911
Liz Greene, Barack H. Obama





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