# [Draft]: FRANCE – République V
# Birth data: Known and valid

A precise time for this birth chart is not universally agreed upon – though a commonly accepted ground is the new Constitution & affixing of seal:

Paris: 1958-Oct-05   00:00 CET – New Constitution comes into effect
Paris: 1958-Oct-06   18:30 CET – Affixing of seal

--- To me, it seems that 18:30 fits well
--- (Some use the 1792-chart)

-L- Radix: France_V.sol
-W- Radix: Astrodienst Chart

-W- –[Indian/Sidereal]
Jean-François Faccin uses 18:20 MET/CET, and Beatrice Boucher uses 18:21 MET/CET (the latter gives references).

-W- — Cf. Comment: Jean Funken 12:49 pm
-W-( — Cf. Comment: Pat 8:36 pm

We have an exact time range between 18:20 and 18:35. The data are clear and solid, and we have an applicable mundane chart. This is an ideal situation for a test. Other branches of astrology must be evaluated by their own principles. My goal here is solely to demonstrate the inherent simplicity of the Static-Dynamical model.

There will be many Dynamical Angular Primary Directions to consider here, in France’s Radix. I will start with the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris on January 7, 2015. By progressing the 18:30 Radix chart, we see (r.IC.d)-conj-(r.Pluto) In Config. We know that (r.IC.d) will ‘hit home’, and here we also have (r.IC.d)-square-(r.Mars).

We must check other factors before we can rectify the chart with certainty, but the timing and interpretational relevance is close enough. There will always be a variant orbis, regardless of which directional  ‘key’ one applies – and, importantly, all astrological prognostical/retrospective analysis refers to a period, a time interval, which again may be more closely pinpointed by secondary progressions, not the least P.Moon, slow transits – and even swift significatory transits. Some astrologers may use still more variables, of which some are purely symbolic. My method is adhering to Nature as she presents herself to our senses. A long-duration direction needs a ‘trigger’, and that is what we’re looking for in all such cases.